CED Activities Info 2015/03

Issue 3 – June/July 2015


First appearance before the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies

Madrid, 16 April 2015 - The Spanish Dental Association ("Consejo") appeared before representatives of the Committee of Health and Social Services of the Congress of Deputies to highlight the main issues affecting Dentistry and report on the current sector situation.

Dr. Oscar Castro, President of the Spanish Dental Association informed the Commission about the need to protect people from the dangers of the commercialisation of health services and the inadequate advertising methods. He insisted that, to equate with professionals from other EU countries and improve the quality of care, it is urgent for Spain to have official specialties in Dentistry. He warned that the excess of dentists contributes to the precarious practice of the profession and decreases the quality of care received by patients. He demanded an expanded portfolio of public services in a reasonable, viable and homogeneously way in all Autonomous Communities. 

This was a major achievement of the Spanish Dental Association as it is the first time it has participated in this Committee.

The members of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Dental Association that attended this historic meeting: the President, Dr. Oscar Castro; the Vice President, Dr. José Antonio Zafra; and the Vice Secretary and Vice Treasurer, Dr. Jaime Sánchez.

During his speech, Dr. Oscar Castro asked the representatives of the Committee of Health, chaired by Mr Mario Mingo Zapatero, for their collaboration to incorporate in the political and parliamentary activity of the State some of the most worrying issues on oral health. To this end, Dr. Castro offered the collaboration of the Spanish Dental Association to the relevant Institutions for the adoption of the necessary measures which can adequately protect the health and rights of patients with regulations which ensure an efficient compliance of the ethical principles of the profession and improve the quality and safety of healthcare services.



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