CED Activities Info 2015/03

Issue 3 – June/July 2015


SECTION 1 - CED Activities

CED Working Groups (WG)

Meeting with Head of Health Technology & Cosmetic Unit (DG GROWTH)

On 29 April, CED Chair of Working Group Tooth Whitening, Dr Stefaan Hanson and CED Senior Policy Officer, Sara Roda met with Ms Sabine Lecrenier (Head of Health Technology & Cosmetic Unit*), Legal Officer Ms Izabela Taborska and Scientific Policy Officer Mr Gaetano Castaldo, to present the second CED report on undesirable effects caused by tooth whitening products (to be available soon here).

Stefaan Hanson also presented a letter to the Commission in which the CED requests a review of the SCCP Opinion on hydrogen peroxide, in its free form or when released, in oral hygiene products and tooth whitening products, 18 December 2007, with regards the use of tooth whitening products on under 18’s.

In 2007, the SCCP (currently named as Standing Committee on Cosmetic Products) concluded that: “In the absence of specific data on the safety of tooth whitening products in children/adolescents, the SCCP is not in a position to assess the potential health risks associated with their use in this population subgroup.”

Based on an extensive literature review and a series of inquiries mobilising a network of experts across the EU, the CED is convinced that the use of tooth whitening products (TWPs) with concentrations > 0.1% and ≤ 6% hydrogen peroxide is safe and needed to treat patients under 18 years of age. In addition, the use of these concentrations in TWPs, present or released, should be allowed on under 18’s when it is clinically indicated and should be performed only by a dental practitioner. The CED letter was accompanied by an extensive literature review and a letter of support by the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry. The letter was very well-received by the Commission’s Head of Unit. Recently, the CED was invited to further build on the letter and prepare a more complete dossier.

The CED also discussed the state of play of the EU ban on sodium perborate and perboric acid, being informed about the Commission’s next steps with regards the Cosmetic Regulation, and the CED press release to be released the next day on the issue.

Stefaan Hanson informed the Commission that the CED was preparing a statement on the use of whitening lamps which would be adopted at the next CED General Meeting. The CED Statement on Whitening Lamps, adopted on 29 May 2015, is available in three languages: EN FR DE.

* As of 1 July 2015, the new head of of Health Technology & Cosmetic Unit is Mr Salvatore D’Acunto. The CED is looking forward to meeting the new head of Unit and hopes to continue the very good cooperation established with the former Head of Unit.



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