CED Activities Info 2015/03

Issue 3 – June/July 2015


SECTION 1 - CED Activities

CED Brussels Office

Labelled as “collaborating stakeholders” in the Joint Action on eHealth

On 3 July, CED Senior Policy Officer Sara Roda, together with representatives of CPME, PGEU, HOPE, EPHA, and EPF, among others, participated in an informal meeting organised by the Project Coordinator of the Joint Action to support the eHealth Network (JAseHN) to discuss EU stakeholders’ involvement in the JAseHN. Also present were representatives of DG SANTE and DG CONNECT on behalf of the European Commission.

EU health stakeholders welcomed this informal initiative, but regretted the fact that they will continue to be external participants to the overall governance structure of the JAseHN. One of the main consequences of this decision is that no financial support is envisaged, rendering more difficult the participation of not-for-profit organisations, such as the CED, in meetings outside Brussels. A  very positive point however is that "nothing is set on stone" yet, and there is flexibility and good-will from the Project Coordinator to ensure the strong involvement of stakeholders.

Labelled as “Collaborating Stakeholders”, EU Health Stakeholders are invited to participate in Work Package (WP) 4 «Stakeholder Liaison» and on specific tasks and deliverables of WP5 to WP8 (core packages of the JAseHN) to be identified by each stakeholder, according to their interests. The Commission-led eHealth Stakeholders Group will assume a more prominent role, with a renewed mandate next year. The formal invitation to participate in the JAseHN will be addressed via this Group and an informal meeting is being planned by mid-September not only to report on the activities of the European Commission on mHealth, but also on the activities of the JAseHN and of the eHealth Network. This Group might be the platform for future and regular basis reporting of the activities of the JAseHN and of the eHealth Network.

Until then, EU health stakeholders will continue to stress that eHealth solutions can only be accepted and deployed successfully if there is strong cooperation and, preferably, as equal partners, with healthcare professionals and patients. After all, to whom these solutions are aimed for?



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