CED Activities Info 2015/01

Issue 1 - January 2015



Croatian Dental Chamber Oral Health Development Contribution

Croatian Dental Chamber (CDC) has been taking part in organisation and improvement of the oral health of inhabitants during 2014 Year. During this organisation It was achieved great involvement of members and the general public as well, in the FDI Seventh World Oral Health Day on 20th March, “Celebrating Healthy Smiles”, the CED Second European Oral Health Day on 12th September, “Oral Health and Diabetes”, in co-operation with Croatian Diabetes Association, and the CDC Second Oral Health Month from 12th September till 12th October, “Retrieve Smile at Our Faces”.

Every event was announced and reported in the Croatian Dental Journal, the Smile & journal dedicated to the oral health care users, the CDC Internet official web sites hkdm.hr, mojstomatolog.hr (for patients), and by the social nets.

Furthermore, the numerous private practitioners informed their clients about events by means of flyers, posters and own web sites. The Public TV Programmes, Radio Broadcasts, many Newspapers, popular Magazines, leading Internet sites, took part in informing general public.

Moreover, the oral health education of pupils in schools was performed by the 160 professional team volunteers on the spot, in the different part of Croatia, for instance, Osijek. Rijeka, Split, Zagreb.

The parents and their children were instructed for the proper oral hygiene by the educators and promotors. They were presented with 5 000 promo packages. Many children took part in drawing of their impression about dentistry. The best pictures were awarded with the family oral health hygiene packages.

Contributed by the Croatian Dental Chamber.



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