CED Activities Info 2015/01

Issue 1 - January 2015



France changes its nomenclature of medical procedures

2014 was the year that France replaced the nomenclature of medical procedures that had been in force since 1945 with a modern descriptive system of reference: the Common Classification of Medical Procedures.

The old nomenclature only included procedures covered by health insurance. For economic reasons, the nomenclature had hardly changed over the years and new procedures that were not covered by health insurers had no common classification or legal existence, which prevented them from being covered by private health insurance.

This old, out-of-date nomenclature was therefore replaced between June and November 2014 by a modern "system of reference" which describes every single dental technical procedure in a logical way. The 800 different procedures now have a specific code and in future it will be mandatory to use these codes to describe the work that has been carried out, both in medical records and when billing patients. This new system of codes will help insurance companies to identify the frequency with which specific procedures are carried out and make it easier to accurately forecast costs.

At its own request, the CNSD signed an agreement in 2012 to join the system, which had already been in force for other medical specialities since 2007. The change came into force in 2014 after a period of training for practitioners that lasted several months. For the reference system to work properly, all dental practices in France will need to be computerised (the figure currently stands at 97%).

The traditionally very conservative dental profession was initially somewhat unenthusiastic about introducing the new modernised system, as at first glance it appeared to offer few benefits compared to the potential restrictions. It needed a major national organisation like the CNSD to convince the profession that the new system would not only have a positive impact on fees in the medium term, but would also result in recognition that all the procedures we carry out are of a medical nature.

Contributed by Confédération nationale des syndicats dentaires (CNSD).



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