CED Activities Info 2015/01

Issue 1 - January 2015




Portuguese Dental Congress

Per invitation of the President of the Portuguese Dental Association (PDA) Dr Orlando Monteiro da Silva, CED Policy Officer Sara Roda participated in the panel discussion on “Dentistry in Europe” at the Portuguese Dental Congress held from 6-8 November 2014 in Porto, Portugal. At the opening ceremony of the Congress, the President of the PDA presented the first Portuguese Oral Health Barometer available here.

The panel on "Dentistry in Europe" took place at the second day of the Congress. The panel was composed by Dr Óscar Reino and Prof Dr Juan Carlos Llodra (President and Secretary General of the Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España respectively), Dr Catherine Mojaisky (President of the Confédération Nationale des Syndicats Dentaires), Dr Alasdair G. Miller (President of the British Dental Association), Dr Filipa Marques (Head of the Legal Department of the PDA), and the President of the PDA as moderator.

CED Policy Officer presented the CED, informed about the policy issues that were high in the EU agenda and affected the profession, highlighting the main activities currently carried out by the CED working groups and task forces.



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