CED Activities Info 2016/01

Issue 1 - February 2016


Section 2 - Contributions by CED Members

Traditional and novel approaches for oral health promotion in Finland

The constitution of the Finnish Dental Association (FDA) includes an obligation to promote oral health among the population. For this purpose the FDA has a working group on health promotion (OHP). For the same reason it has also employed a part-time consultant. Their task is to keep an eye on developments that might affect the oral health of the population and to prepare appropriate actions to tackle them. Keeping in touch with different public organizations and serving the media in oral health related matters are other important tasks.

For years, FDA has lobbied for an extension of the current taxes on sweets, ice cream and soft drinks so that they would cover all foods and drinks including added sugar. So far the efforts have failed. The current taxation on sweets and ice cream is likely to cease by the end of 2016 since the laws do not treat all products equally. So far the government has not given the parliament any proposal for compensatory legislation. The taxation on soft drinks, which also covers all sorts of juices, will continue as before.
Up to now, the FDA has mostly relied on traditional media when organizing OHP related campaigns. This year we will use social media (Facebook and Instagram) as the principal platforms for an OHP campaign whose purpose is to promote oral self-care and early non-invasive treatment of dental decay and gum disease. The campaign will be launched in April.



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