CED Activities Info 2016/01

Issue 1 - February 2016


Section 2 - Contributions by CED Members

Women's leadership as means for sustainable change

In 2014 a small group of female members of the Irish Dental Association met to establish a new group - Women in Dentistry Network. The core mission was to facilitate networking  and encourage greater participation in the Association of female members, particularly in taking up leadership roles. The inspiration came from having attended the Women in Dentistry Worldwide session at FDI Istanbul, particularly from the encouragement given by Dr. Michele Aerden, and previous experience of successful  businesswomen’s networking models.

We were delighted and honoured to welcome Dr. Aerden as a guest speaker to Dublin in summer 2015 - speaking on the topic of ‘Womens leadership as a means for sustainable change.’ She explained how hard work, perseverance and ‘facts and figures’ are essential if women want to become effective leaders - many shirk the challenge due to a lack of confidence, not ability. Traditional lifestyles and roles are changing rapidly - associations will benefit from having a variety of approaches and ideas at Board level to accommodate the increasing diversity of priorities and needs facing a fast-evolving profession. She urged positive female role models to encourage younger members to  engage, recognising that balancing the demands of home and professional life is tricky but not impossible, and is of great value both personally and professionally.

It was a very special occasion on which both the  Dental School Dean (Prof. June Nunn), IDA President (Dr. Anne Twomey), CEO Fintan Hourihan, and Dental Council President (Dr. Eamonn Croke) and many members were privileged and inspired by a superb presentation and chance to meet a leader in world dentistry.



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