CED Activities Info 2016/01

Issue 1 - February 2016


Section 1 - CED Activities

Working Groups

CED opposes standardisation of healthcare

On 12 February, Dr Stefaan Hanson (member of the CED Working Group Medical Devices) and Sara Roda (CED Senior Policy Officer) attended a meeting of the CEN SAGS-ABHS Ad-hoc group on healthcare services. The meeting was dedicated to the discussion of the draft CEN strategy for healthcare services standards which is expected to be finalised very soon. As part of the strategy, a template for future standards is being prepared which National Standard Bodies or European Standard Organisations (e.g. CEN) could use when developing a European standard for a healthcare service. The CED is against standardisation of delivery of healthcare (see CED Resolution on Standardisation of Healthcare, May 2015).

The CED does not agree with the CEN strategy, although certain comments by CED and other health professions have been taken into account in the drafting process. For instance, the strategy scope now excludes clinical guidelines, diagnosis and treatment based on the principles of evidence based medicine. However, in practice such standards might still be able to limit the autonomy of dentists, for instance through provisions on dentists' competences and education.



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