CED Activities Info 2016/01

Issue 1 - February 2016


Section 1 - CED Activities

CED President


Dear CED Members and partners,

Welcome to the first edition of the CED newsletter in 2016 which is also the first edition issued during my presidency. I look forward to fruitful collaboration with you during the next 3 years; judging by the first few months, they will be both an interesting and a challenging time for European dentists.

2016 started with an important meeting with the new ADEE President during which we agreed on strengthening collaboration between dentists and dental schools on ethics. I am convinced that ethics will be central to the development of our profession in the next years.

CED Working Groups Oral Health and eHealth also met in January to take forward our work on antimicrobial resistance, sugar and the use of eHealth and mHealth in dentistry. Working Groups and Task Forces remain crucial for the CED’s political work and I was happy to see CED associations nominating new members to join them.

Finally, CED representatives attended the last meeting of the CEN Ad-hoc group on healthcare services which is finalising a strategy on European healthcare standards. For the CED which is against standardisation of healthcare delivery, the meeting proved disappointing. Although the strategy is in principle supposed to exclude standardisation of diagnosis and treatment, grey areas remain where future standards could for instance influence dentists’ competences and continuing professional education. The issue of standardisation will remain on the CED agenda and I look forward to discussing it with the CED Board when we meet in Brussels in early March.

Dr. Marco Landi
CED President



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